Minimum is an internet magazine about asceticism. Coming soon?
Wikiclip is a library of choice Wikipedia snippets collected by me.
Pages depicting different use cases for Canary.
Photography: Alpha Smoot
Art Direction: Regan Fred Johnson
A teaser site for Yuta, with a feed of user-submitted images.
A Didonne / Grotesque type exploration.
A portfolio site for Dirtworks Landscape Architecture.
"A letter is two shapes, one light, one dark." —Gerrit Noordzij.
Minimum is an internet magazine about asceticism. Coming soon.
Yuta is a showcase of artists and designers with ties to the state of Utah.
A custom typeface drawn for Yuta, taking inspiration from the mismatching angles of tress of the Deseret alphabet, a reformed alphabet proposed by early Utah settlers.
A Didonne / Grotesque type exploration.
Almost! is a game developed for iOS.
Called Almost! because it is impossible to get a perfect score.
A spread in Define magazine.

Regan Fred Johnson is a generalist graphic designer originally from Utah and currently living in Brooklyn. For a more comprehensive portfolio please contact directly.

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